V Stage Cleaning Process:

 Stage I–Dewatering:

On our first stage of the tank, we use automatic Special sludge pump to remove dirty water and sludge from the tank.

  Stage II– Sludge Removal:

In this stage we remove dirt manually, fungus and hard stains from the concrete.

  Stage III-Chemical Wash:

On our Third stage we will make a solution of chlorine and it will be thrown on the walls of the tank as the stuck dust (fungi, algae) will be loose.

  Stage IV-Scrubbing:

The walls will be rubbed with a brush.

  Stage V-High Cleaning with Fresh Water:

in the last stage. Entire tank will be cleaned by the fresh water.

Components of Tank Cleaning Kit
  • Pressure Motor
  • Cleaning Boot
  • Brush & Mop
  • Chemical

About the Chemical:

We know the importance and sensitivity of water in a daily life, therefore we use health friendly chemical. We do not use any health hazardous chemical like those people whom are unaware of the chemical effect. Because some chemicals are very good for cleaning, but after cleaning nobody can ensure that there is no effect of chemical will remain. Of course, no one. All the chemical which is used for the cleaning effect of chemical remains on the wall of the tank. And when the tank will be filled with water so that chemical will mix with water and that unhealthy water people will drink. Which is a obvious call for illness. After Research on chemicals that which chemical is good for cleaning as well as if the effect of the chemical will mix on the tank so it will not become the cause of illness of the human health then we found Only Chlorine is better than all.

Benefits of Chlorine:

When we throw the chlorine (Solution) on the walls. Which is better for removing impurities such as sand, mud, algae, moss, viruses and bacteria from the tank. it quickly kills bacteria and other microbes. In addition to purifying water, chlorine helps remove tastes and odors, controls the growth of slime and algae in main pipes and storage tanks, and helps to remove unwanted nitrogen compounds from water. Today, much of the world’s drinking water depends on chlorine.

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How Often You Should Clean Tank:
Scientifically its recommended to clean water tank after every Six Months.