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Khan Water Tank Cleaning Service is a Karachi Based company with a passion to create a positive impact in our Country. We are the leading provider of Water Tank Cleaning Services in Karachi for underground & overhead tank cleaning. The horizon of our city is changing, the traditional approach to deliver services of Water Tank cleaning is no longer viable to serve these rapidly changing service demands. Water tank cleaning is important as if it is not cleaned on time, various harmful microbes (bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.) can grow, which can cause waterborne water diseases like diarrhea. If not cleaned timely, water might develop a stinking smell. For health and cleanliness, use the services of professional water tank cleaners.
We strive to maintain excellence in our profession by performing our job within the specified time period. Time boundness and perfectness is our objective. We have a live representative available 24 hours 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. Call us on. 0340-2717 530. We Provide Service in all areas of Karachi for Residential & Commercial Houses, Flats, Portions, Apartment, Town House, Office, Factories, Colleges, Hostels, e.t.c. We also clean the boring water tank.

Water Tank Cleaning

The most frequent cause of the disease is contaminated water, so you should use fresh water. One of the most common ways to clean drinking water is to have your water tank washed by some professional company. A freshwater origin enhances the life of the parts of water purifiers, making them more efficient.
At Khan Tank Cleaning, we provide service for all types of water tank cleaning in Karachi, for residential as well as for commercial sectors. Our rates are cheap & according to your budget. We are a leading professional water tank cleaning company who can provide valuable services in terms of quality and performance. You can read complete water tank cleaning service procedure here. Calculate the right size water tank for your needs with our easy-to-use water tank calculator.

How It Works

water tank cleaning in Karachi

Why Khan Service?:

We are the first and still only professional water tank washing company in Karachi. We are the only company in karachi which is dedicated to this business, other companies are doing this work as a side job, therefore there is a huge gap of experience and professionalism. They are not properly aware & ready for all job specially for big / factory water tank cleaning. The impact of it is also visible on their staff technicality. On the other side, We (Khan, Tank Service) have properly trained and technical staff. Our staff is properly aware of each & everything. Here you can find some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our service. A good read regarding chemical. If you have still any questions, feel free to contact us.

Tank Cleaning Equipment

All the necessary equipment/tools. We will bring with us.
  • Pressure Motor
  • Cleaning Boot
  • Brush & Mop
  • Chemical

House, Flat Water Tank Cleaning in Karachi

house wateer tank cleaning

We provide underground & overhead water tank cleaning for house, flat & other residential sectors. Thousands of residential clients. On one call book your service.

Office, Factory Tank Cleaning in Karachi

Commercial tank cleaning

Dealing with Big or small industries. Providing all types of water tank cleaning service for the commercial sector. Dozens of clients, check our client list for more details.

Importance of Underground & Overhead Tank Cleaning Service

Sometimes people do not understand that the water they are consuming inside their houses for cleaning and even for drinking might be highly polluted. A lot of contaminants and solid particulate matter can go inside the tanks from where water is being provided inside the homes. Water tanks are quite common in urban cities since the homes are quite closely situated and water is supplied by local Government bodies or on a private basis. People likewise go for underground water pumps and use machines to move the water and store it for use throughout the week. Therefore, the tank system in cities is extremely common, thereby ushering the concentration towards tank washing.

In a city like Karachi, where water supply is being done to most of the homes across different towns, storage of water in tanks has become a norm. This supply is done once or twice a week, requiring storage of the water when the supply is present so that people can use the water for the entire week. With the assistance of water usage, also comes the problem of keeping the water tanks clean, which is not only a difficult task in itself, but also not possible on part of the homeowners to do it by themselves. In such a condition, we provide professional tank cleaning in Karachi.

In which area of the city do you provide your services? We offer water tank cleaning services throughout Karachi, including Clifton, DHA (Defence Housing Authority), Saddar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Johar, North Nazimabad, Tariq Road, PECHS (Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society), Nazimabad, Malir, Gulberg, Korangi, Liaquatabad, Shah Faisal Town, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Landhi, Lyari, Saddar Town, Orangi Town, Baldia Town, North Karachi, New Karachi, F.B. Area (Federal B Area), Karachi Cantt (Cantonment), Clifton Beach, Keamari, Karachi University, Karachi Port, Super Highway, Karachi Airport, Kemari Port, Garden, Zamzama, Bahadurabad, Shadman Town, PIB Colony (Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation), Quaidabad, Buffer Zone, Model Colony, Gulzar-e-Hijri, KDA Scheme 1, Mehmoodabad, Kharadar, Garden East, Bahria Town Karachi, Federal B Industrial Area, Saddar, and so on. To avail our service outside of Karachi, confirm with us via phone.

Efficient ways in cleaning of Underground & Overhead tanks by Professionals
Where the water supply to houses is through a regular pipe system, people manage to initially store in underground tanks, then pulled up into the roof tanks. Hence, houses need underground tank cleaning, along with regular roof tank cleaning. In such a situation, there is a clean water supply into the houses, which allows people to maintain a healthy body and a clean environment. While overhead tank cleaning requires people to go up to the roofs, the underground tank cleaning in Karachi is done in a separate manner. Although some of the cleaning methods are similar, the water discarding system for the overhead tank is easy.
Overhead tanks are present on the roofs so that the cleaning people can climb onto the top and do their job. Included in their cleaning process, are a number of techniques, like draining the removing the sludge, scrubbing, and cleaning the fungal deposits.
As Khan Tank cleaning in Karachi has now become a common thing, many households have been able to solve their water woes. This kind of professional help looks to be pretty important in the present-day outline, and people are truly coming out to avail of these services because they realize they need to have clean water inside their homes.


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